An Entreaty

  An Entreaty   Greetings, dear readers!   I come to you today bearing exciting news: I plan on traveling for research next spring! Although I have covered many philosophical topics on this blog, my main “track,” if you will, in philosophy is ethics and extreme suffering. I have not had many opportunities to really […]

The Paradox of Existence: Part II

  The Paradox of Existence: Part II   Existence claims stand as some of the most fascinating and interesting claims people make on a daily basis. For instance, we often talk about what a character did on a TV show or a movie and other people, perhaps our friends, assess whether our claims about that […]

守破離 (Part II)

守破離 Part II: Dismantling the System Now that Aristotle’s genius has been articulated plainly, we can start dismantling the system he established. Before diving into the demolition project, though, let’s briefly revisit what we established in the first entry of this series. As was mentioned last time, Aristotle defined the “chief good” as happiness; he […]

守破離 (Part I)

守破離 Part I: Finding the “Chief Good” Out of all the possible approaches to ethics, reason-based approaches, which began in Ancient Greece, are the most dominant and accessible. Even though some of the Ancient Greek philosophers, like Pythagoras, Parminides, and Plato, derived their ethics from their metaphysics, none of them did so as explicitly, systematically, […]

A Brief Foray into Philosophy of Mind

A Brief Foray into Philosophy of Mind Philosophy of Mind. An incredibly complex and mysterious field. To those who are unfamiliar with it, it seems like it should be a cognitive science. However, as is the case with all fields of philosophical inquiry, the subject matter of Philosophy of Mind (for brevity, abbreviated POM from […]

An Almost Accurate Alternative

An Almost Accurate Alternative In a world of heightened political sensitivity, a world where ideologies wax stauncher and coagulate the forever flowing flood of fateful compromise and genuine discussion, it behooves people to advocate an acceptable account of justice. This formidable task has played out several times throughout the course of history.  One particularly useful […]

The Renegade Path: Mass Effect on Utilitarianism

  The Renegade Path: Mass Effect on Utilitarianism Morality acts as the vehicle that guides us through life; it is the jagged river of feelings and considerations, oftentimes instilled in us by parents or authority figures, to which we turn in difficult times. Though the particulars of each of our own moral values might differ, […]

Multiverse and the Moral Moratorium, Part II

Multiverse and the Moral Moratorium Part II: Interposition of a Cosmological Perspective   A Brief Recapitulation While unraveling the seemingly safe packaging of some of the oldest and more recent scientific developments in history, we found that the world isn’t quite as simple as it seems—at least not from a universal perspective. Through a brief […]

Multiverse and the Moral Moratorium, Part I

Multiverse and the Moral Moratorium Part I: Traversing the Uncomfortable Realm of the Hypothetical   Philosophers throughout the ages, such as Descartes, have often pondered the essence of reality and the validity of our ability to know and comprehend such a concept, such a seemingly existential, alien realm. After many Meditations he concluded that our […]


Making a Difference: UNICEF’s “Tap Project”

Making a Difference: UNICEF’s “Tap Project” As an aspiring philosopher whose current personal project is analyzing the intersection of ethics and suffering, I am always looking for ways to make a positive difference, especially for those who are less fortunate than the majority of people in fully developed countries like mine (America). I also look […]